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If you are considering matching wedding rings it is recommended to purchase them at the same time. That way they will be cast at the same time & match very accurately.

Alternatively if you aren’t having matching rings choosing your individual styles early on can help keep you to your budget.

Matching, complementary wedding bands or bands to suit your individual style and needs.  There are no rules!


Let’s consider a budget for your wedding rings.  This helps us work back the options for you


Before choosing the specific metals for your wedding rings, it’s important to be aware of you & your partner’s needs and priorities from a ring. We also recommend matching the metal of the engagement ring & wedding band.

Recommendations for wedding ring metals For example, the different metals used for wedding rings can vary in terms of durability, while others are hardy, durable and highly resistant to damage

Wedding ring metals can also vary hugely in appearance, with some offering a warm look that matches certain skin tones and others offering a cooler look that suits a different range of skin tones.


The profile, or the shape, of a wedding ring is determined by looking at the cross section of a ring. 

The idea is that if you were to cut through a wedding band, the profile is the shape that you would see. 


The ring width refers to the thickness of the band itself. Wedding and engagement band widths range from 1.5 mm  all the way up to 14mm with most women and men choosing between and 8mm.


At Fultons, we recognise that obtaining the perfect fit is extremely important. With that in mind, we will work with you to ensure you know how to measure ring size to find the perfect fit.

We are always happy to see you in the shop but, if you are not able to visit us we have a handy printable sizer that will help.

You can print this off and use it to quickly work out your own, or your partner’s, ring size in mm. The thicker the ring, the tighter the fit, so if you choose a ring with a deep band width, you will likely need to go up one size.


We covered everything for plain wedding bands.  Now let’s look at the style options

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