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Sustainable Practices

Sustainable Practices

We love our Lakes and know that we should all be doing as much as we can to keep our planet healthy and reduce environmentally negative impacts. We measure, we question, we innovate all with the aim of providing the best quality fine jewellery with a reduced carbon impact. What do we do about it? Our jewellery doesn’t travel hundreds or in some cases thousands of mles to make it to your possession. DId you know that most fine jewellery takes quite a geographic journey before ending up in the shop window? Here at Fulton’s we make everything onsite here Cumbria, UK and it only travels to Birmingham for hallmarking, We have lots of stories to share about the actions we take and the innovations that we discover to bring you greener more sustainable fine jewellery and look forward to sharing them with you in our blog.

Ethical Sourcing

We prioritise responsible sourcing of materials such as metals & gemstones. We aim to use materials that are conflict-free, environmentally responsible, ethically mined, & produced under fair labour conditions.

Recycled Materials

Recycling and repurposing precious metals, diamonds, and gemstones can significantly reduce the environmental footprint of jewellery manufacturing. Whenever possible we use recycled materials in our jewellery re-designs.

Reduced Waste

We use 3D printers for bespoke models that print in waste free castable material, we recycle or reuse all metals down to the finest particle of metal dust. We cast in batches to ensure efficiencies in material and energy consumption.

Energy Efficiency

We aim to reduce energy consumption during the production process. We use energy-efficient machinery, and smart design practices to achieve this.

Consumer Education

We seek to educate consumers about the impact of their choices and the benefits of supporting sustainable practices.

Long-Lasting Designs

Our jewellery is designed to be timeless, durable, and versatile, encouraging you to wear and cherish their pieces for many years, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Collaboration & Innovation

We regularly work with suppliers collaboratively to find innovative solutions, to reduce our carbon footprint and increase efficiencies.

Local Sourcing & resourcing

Reducing our carbon footprint associated with unnecessary transportation makes a big difference. Most retail jewellery travels thousands of miles before it reaches your hands. Because we design, wax, cast and finish on-site the only time your jewellery leaves our premises is when it travels to the assay office for hallmarking.

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