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Jewellery that is as unique as you

We create jewellery that is as unique as you and we have the knowledge and skills to make your dream jewellery pieces come to life. We have years of experience in crafting bespoke jewellery tailored to individual needs, so whatever you’re looking for we can design something just for you.


To start with, we’ll discuss your ideas to create bespoke designs. In addition, we have a wealth of design ideas and styles on hand to help.

We’ll give you an estimated cost for the design and  expert recommendations that will help bring your design to life.

Made Here By Us

Your final design is created initially by line drawings, followed by more technical and detailed computer modelling and imagery.

All the processes including design, modelling, casting and setting / finishing are carried out in our workshop, so you can be assured of the quality from start to finish.

Building The Piece

You’ll be invited to view the design and any gemstones or diamonds required to check that they meet your approval. Once the design is approved, a resin model will be created and checked for proportion, size and fit where needed.

The item is then cast. Once cast, your item will be sent for hallmarking, then returned to us for all the finishing touches prior to collection or delivery.


At Fultons we have all the expert knowledge and skills to give your treasured jewellery and family heirlooms a new beginning, so whether it’s refashioning an outdated collection of jewellery items or remodelling your damaged and unworn treasures, we can help.

It’s the ultimate way of recycling your sentimental and loved jewellery pieces to create something new, wearable and you!

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